Feel safe again indoors
without a mask

A healthier home or business environment starts with the air you breathe. Filter dust, pollen, and even viruses with our smart air purifiers and HVAC solutions.

Making Your Environment A Safer Place

CleanAir provides the best air purification on the market! This technology is available on various systems that we offer. Our current patented technology is the most powerful air purification technology that reduces airborne & surface pathogens.

Premier Air Purification Technology

Awarded technology that is used by federal agencies

Sealed True HEPA & Better Than HEPA Filtration

Advanced polypropylene HEPA Filtration with activated-carbon layers & water resistance

Authorized Distributor

Clean Air US is a proud distributor of industry leading purification systems including Aerus.

Advanced 5-Stage Filtration Technologies

A 5-Stage Filtration is available in a selection of our products.




Movie Sets

Retail Businesses

Medical Offices


Office Settings



Coffee Shops


Movie Theaters

How It Works

Patented solution first creates protective molecules that actively combat airborne and surface pathogens. These molecules are created continuously to fill indoor spaces where they seek out and reduce any pathogens that enter.



“As the administrator of a skilled nursing facility, I want to thank Clean Air for providing our community with pure, clean, and infection-free air!"

– Joseph L

Safe for People & Pets

Customizable & Easy to Scale

Low Maintenance

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